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The Church of PROMISE

The Difference

We want to reach anyone in the world no matter where they are.  Rather they receive the Word of Christ as they sit at home on their couch, gather in their kitchen, or relax on their porch, we can journey online anywhere teaching and preaching the precious and powerful Word of God.

Reaching out to YOU

At The Church of PROMISE Online& Mobile we are determined to reach individuals differently than our original implant - that is, not having church only in a permanent church building, but to create an experience worldwide that encompasses all who want to learn and love Jesus Christ and what His word offers for one's lifestyle here on Earth. We know here at The Church of PROMISE Online & Mobile that we came on Earth to assist as a training ground exhibiting the will and ways of Jesus Christ, thereby assisting those that we touch towards a pathway that leads to eternity in Heaven.

If you would like to schedule a visit filled with the Word of Christ from our Pastor, please contact Bishop Dr. Zella Berry Case through our contact page.  She will be happy to share with you through a Zoom presentation instead of a physical visit, due to the COVID 19 pandemic at this present time.  

Schedule TODAY.

An Online Church

Unlike traditional churches which are mostly in one location with the same set of members each Sunday, we at The Church of Promise reach out to those who are in the community of the world who will not come to a traditional church or denominational church.  Our goal is not to be denominational, but to be a church that gives to those that are lost and saved individual alike an experience of knowing Christ in the pardoning of their sins.  

The Church of Promise reaches out to those in multiple locations, and we want to help you become the person God made you.  No matter where you are in your journey, you’re invited to discover your purpose and live it out at The Church of Promise.

Our goal

Endear the online community of Believers in Christ by ensuring that people know that we're here to assist them in forming a relationship with Christ and others who follow Christ. 

Inspire our audience by creating experiences that cause people to say: "I'm glad I came and can't wait to come back."

Equip our core of Believers by enlisting and training individuals and adults to give, lead, and invite. Evangelize!